The Plan

Your diet plan is made up of a number of phases…..each one is important and should be followed carefully to get the best outcome. The process is described in our Companion Guide that is included in Kits and Packs, and an overview is below:


Setting aside the time in your diary for the Phases; reading and understanding the Plan; having a list of the “allowed” foods, digital scales, tape measure and sheets to record your intake and progress.

Consider a detox to ease away some of the toxins which will inevitably be released.

We now have available Australian Made Detox Supreme ARTG 212825 that can be combined with our Diet Drops or Soft-Gels capsules for optimal results.

Wean off sugar and processed foods. Start drinking 2+ litres of water daily.

Loading Phase

Whilst taking the formula (soft gel or diet drops)…this is the first phase and lasts for 2 days (but 3 days is very acceptable too).

During this phase, take the formula as per label. Eat well, enjoying plenty of calories and good fats. This is the time when you build up some easily accessed normal fat reserves that will be fuelling the body for the first day or two of the next phase when you are on a very low calorie diet.

Many folk overlook this important “loading” phase on the grounds that “they have plenty of excess fat!”. Yes, but that fat is hard to move, or impossible to move – one of the reasons that you are seeking this diet.

Please refer to the manuscript “Pounds and Inches” for an enlightening explanation of the Three Types of Fat.

Low Calorie Phase

Whilst taking the formula…from day 3 or 4 (depending on how many days you spent loading) you will continue taking the formula whilst steadfastly adhering to a specific low calorie diet consisting of foods exactly fitting the HCG Diet instructions.

Just 500 calories are allowed, but they must be only of the food types as set out in the HCG Diet which is included in our Companion Guide. Fats and oils are totally avoided. Adequate fluid and water intake is essential. Digital scales are necessary for your daily “weigh in”.

This Low Calorie Phase will last for between 21 days and about 40 days. Some people plan for 21 days but find they are going so well that they choose to continue longer on this phase. That is fine, and the Low Calorie Phase can be continued until about day 40 when the average daily weight loss may start to reduce. This may occur after about 40 days if the body “feels it has had enough” of this Low Calorie Phase. Remember, our body actually knows best! Listen to it…

Transition to Maintenance Phase

Stop taking the formula, but remain on the low calorie diet for two days (or three days is fine too)

Maintenance Phase

This Phase will last as long as you were on the formula. Avoid sugars and starches but you do not need to count calories. Enjoy good oils, especially coconut oil. Traditionally, no formula was taken on this Phase. More recent research, however, is showing that some people benefit by resuming one dose only per day of the drops or our support product Garcinia Supreme 3000 can be helpful during this stage for those who feel they would like additional assistance. This is a crucial time. Your weight needs to be checked daily. Any weight increase in excess of 900gr must be addressed that day using the high protein remedy that is outlined in our Companion Guide. As additional foods are one by one added to your diet, you will have the perfect opportunity to gauge how you are affected by each of them….taking note, you can choose to avoid those foods that just don’t agree with you, the Individual.

So should you continue the single dose of diet drops daily on this phase or include our support product Garcinia Supreme 3000? With this new research, as mentioned above, it might be worth taking a single dose of the drops daily as you will probably have plenty left over in your (60ml) bottle or consider our Garcinia Supreme 3000 an excellent support product that can be of assistance during this phase. If you choose not to re-introduce the single dose of drops or our Garcinia Supreme 3000, monitor how you feel. If your body suggests it needs the support, take the single dose of drops daily or our Garcinia Supreme 3000 and gauge the difference in how you feel.

The research that now suggests a continuation of the diet drops (just one dose a day) or Garcinia Supreme 3000 on the Maintenance Phase is believed to be all about helping to reset the habits to avoid excessive sugar intake and the like.

If you have elected to use the soft gel capsules, our Garcinia Supreme 3000 can be used for additional support during this stage (found in support products).

Life After Diet

So now the “diet” Phases are over, you need to continue life but avoid weight returning. This also is a crucial time initially. Your weight still needs to be checked daily. Again, any weight increase in excess of 900gr must be addressed that day by using the high protein remedy that is outlined in our Companion Guide. Again, as new foods are added to your diet, take note of how they affect you, good or bad? By now, you are learning what foods agree with you, what foods cause discomfort/bloating, how much food you actually need – you will be so much more in control that you will be better equipped to keep your body shape, weight and comfort where you want them to be.

“The Healthy Weight Management Plan helped me, firstly, lose the excess weight I had been dragging around for decades; secondly, to learn what foods just do not agree with me; and, thirdly, keep that excess weight from returning. I completed the Plan three years ago and my weight is so much more stable, plus I now have the keys to controlling my weight and well-being.”
Dominic (2013)

PLEASE NOTE: the experience of the individual will differ from person to person and any outcome cannot be guaranteed for all.
NOTE: this brief overview of the Plan is not to be used as the only directions for the Plan. For the Healthy Weight Management Plan to be successful, it is highly recommended that the manuscript “Pounds and Inches” is read as reference/background and for an understanding of this research and reasons for these instructions, plus, our printed Companion Guide. Other instructional material may be of additional use providing it does not conflict with the before-mentioned two instructional recommendations. Anyone with health concerns should consult with their health care professional before purchasing or undertaking any dietary program.

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