The following (in blue) is an excerpt from Dr Simeons manuscript “Pounds and Inches”…. as can be seen, the limited food-choice he outlines for non-vegetarians is even more limited for vegetarians. Suggestions to assist are as follows, but weight loss for vegetarians is generally less that their non-vegetarian friends. Back to the complete food list

the 100gram protein quota can be replaced with:

  • 100grams cottage cheese
  • 30grams whey powder
  • one whole egg plus three egg whites

mmmmm, we hear you say….the choice is not great but it can be done….think imaginatively and the cottage cheese works with many of the allowed vegetables or fruits; the whey powder can be made into quite a number of differently flavoured smoothies; the one-egg-yolk-plus-four-eggwhites can be made into a tasty omelette or scrambled egg accompanied by many of the allowed vegetables. Those ideas alone will offer more than a dozen choices of meal to get you going.


Strict vegetarians such as orthodox Hindus present a special problem, because milk and curds are the only animal protein they will eat. To supply them with sufficient protein of animal origin they must drink 500 cc. of skimmed milk per day, though part of this ration can be taken as curds. As far as fruit, vegetables and starch are concerned, their diet is the same as that of non-vegetarians; they cannot be allowed their usual intake of vegetable proteins from leguminous plants such as beans or from wheat or nuts, nor can they have their customary rice. In spite of these severe restrictions, their average loss is about half that of non-vegetarians, presumably owing to the sugar content of the milk.

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