Today, supplements are quite the norm. Many of us feel our diet is either lacking in essential nutrients or the foods available to us are less nutritious than days gone by.

Below is what Dr Simeons had to say about vitamins …. supplements can be a different scenario and the bottom line is that providing they do not contain oil, there is no reason at all why they need be stopped/avoided. Supplements that contain oil are the obvious garlic oil, vitamin E oil, krill oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, some vitamin D preparations are in an oily solution so be careful on that one, Evening Primrose Oil. (So as not to confuse our 21st century customers, the term [dieters] has been placed where Dr Simeons used the word “patients” since people nowadays undertake this program in their own home)

One supplement (vitamin actually) that is suggested as a definite benefit when on any low calorie diet is vitamin B12. This program is certainly a low calorie program (with most of the body’s energy requirements coming from the released fat stores) but the food list contains few foods that bring us our B12 requirements (which is needed for metabolism, hair and skin health)

If you are taking a good quality all-round multi-vitamin, (especially one that is high in B12) there is no reason to stop taking it. They are available in many forms, many brands, and from many outlets. We have developed the ARTG listed Turbo Vit Adapt Supreme specifically for this diet as it contains the necessary B12 as well as “adaptogens” that help the body adapt to new and stressful situations (such as any stress that we already recognise, but a low calorie diet is often overlooked as a stressor but it certainly puts stress on a person both physically and psychologically). Turbo Vit Adapt Supreme will be available¬†late 2013¬†from the same outlet you obtained our dietary formula.

Vitamins and anemia

Sooner or later most [dieters] express a fear that they may be running out of vitamins or that the restricted diet may make them anaemic. On this score the physician can confidently relieve their apprehension by explaining that every time they lose a pound of fatty tissue, which they do almost daily, only the actual fat is burned up; all the vitamins, the proteins, the blood, and the minerals which this tissue contains in abundance are fed back into the body. Actually, a low blood count not due to any serious disorder of the blood forming tissues improves during treatment, and we have never encountered a significant protein deficiency nor signs of a lack of vitamins in patients who are dieting regularly.

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