21 vs 40 Days

Some people wonder about the length of the program they will be taking….already you have bought your product and it will allow you a 23 day program on the VLC, or up to 40+ days on the VLC.

People wanting to radically change a poor eating lifestyle which has produce significant excess weight would be considering one or more 6 week (40 days) programs to really work towards their final goal.

But, the same goal can be achieved by multiple 23 day programs. Feedback from many people who undertake this program in an extremely diligent fashion with the committed goal of major and long-term dietary habits seem to get to their goal a little quicker if doing multiple 6 week (40 days) programs. This is because their diligence can be very helpful in stabilising their weight during the Maintenance Phase (MP). Whilst a MP might last as long as the period on the formula (ie 40 days), if weight is stable and if the MP is no less than 2 weeks, then a folow-up VLC program can be undertaken.

For someone wishing to drop just a few kilos and wanting the detox effects that come with this program, then a 23 day plan may get them to their desired goal.

In all events, the MP must be carried out and cannot be less than 2 weeks.

Now, if a person has chosen a 23 day plan, but finds towards the end of it they wish to continue (because they feel well, are happy with their weight loss thus far, have more weight to lose and their life-schedule allows for a continued VLC), there is no reason at all not to extend their program. And they can be flexibile in the length of additional time they spend on the VLC, remembering that by about 40 days (6 weeks) they might be (very understandably) tired of the food program. Stopping the VLC now and moving onto the MP would be advisable; certainly advisable if the diligence to adhere to Dr Dimeons instructions wanes and deviations to the program creep in. But if one is feeling well, weight is still dropping and the goal is but a kilo or so away, it appears to be okay to extend for a few more days – you are going to have to be the best judge of this choice. Be honest with yourself and don’t avoid doing an additional plan by “ploughing on” when you have run out of diligence and by deviating are no longer losing enough weight for the effort, and certainly do not “plough on” if feeling tired and stressed. best to be sensible, finish the VLC, do a great MP, then enjoy the finale of a 3 week program followed by the final MP. If the goal weight is reached before 3 weeks, stay on the foodlist by increase your protein nand vegetable amount; then complete the MP.

It should be remembered that excess weight is often caused and sustained by food choices that do not suit you. It makes sense that to enjoy your weight loss long-term, dietary habits need to be changed long-term. The very best long-term results that come back to us inevitably come from this life-style change. Furthermore, many of those people report that their long-term dietary habits follow the MP most of the time, with an occasional sugar or carb food taken in – most of them say that the sugar or carb intake is generally something that makes them feel uncomfortable and “next time, they will probably not both with the supposed treat!”

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