Transition to MP

So you are now moving from the Very Low Calorie phase (VLC) to the Maintenance Phase (MP) during which time you will be working on stabilising your weight so it hovers around the low weight (Target Set Weight = TSW) that you achieved on the VLC phase….well done so far!

At this time, you will have been on the formula and low calorie diet for a minimum of 3 weeks up to approximately 6 weeks. Even a little longer than 6 weeks is okay providing you feel well, weight is still dropping and you are so close to your final goal that another full program would not fit in (3 weeks being the shortest program).

Last day of VLC:

On the last day of taking the formula, you weigh yourself as per usual after getting up and using the bathroom. This weight is recorded as your Target Set Weight. This is the weight around which you need to hover, and stabilise. Be realistic and avoid aiming for a lower weight that is more appealing! Set yourself up for success!

IMPORTANT POINT: whilst you have recorded this weight as the Target Set Weight, do not be alarmed if you finish up stabilising a kilo or so higher (or even lower) than the TSW. It may be that other factors were at play on that particular weigh-in….perhaps you had no been to the toilet for a day or so, perhaps you were carrying some excess fluid at this time (from exercise, having a cold, ovulation, menstration, a batch of fat cells had emptied and the body was retaining fluid within those fat-empty cells whilst the body worked on reabsorbing th membrane, connective and other associated tissue)

Transition between VLC and MP:

For the next two days (and three is very acceptable too if you prefer), NO FORMULA is taken but YOU DO REMAIN ON VLC DIET.

The reason for this step is to remove any residual presence of any formula from within your system BEFORE changing your dietary intake to the MP criteria. It takes about 2 days for the formula to dissipate so the appetite suppressant will still be effective at this time.

Maintenance Phase:

On the next day, you start the Maintenance Phase proper. This means the VLC phase is complete and additional foods can be slowly (i.e. one at a time with time between to assess any unwanted reaction) and deliberately (i.e. make notes) added into your food intake. No formula needs to be taken during the MP.

The Maintenance Phase is a very important part of the program so please visit our information on that critical phase.

Many of you will have worked so hard to get to this stage, do not “drop the ball” now….you must transition correctly, and you must diligently complete the Maintenance Phase.

“Dropping the ball” at this time is the most common telephone call we get from people crying that they are starting to put on weight.

Why is this?

  • Because they have not stabilised their weight;
  • Because they are eating sugars and starches immediately, before the body has stabilised;
  • Because they have not used this opportunity to assess foods and their individual reactions;
  • Because they revert to eating exactly what they ate and drank before the diet which had caused their excess weight in the first place…

…Dr Simeons spent decades perfecting his work and research. Adhering to his instructions is a lifeline to your optimal outcome. You deserve to reach your goal; you deserve to feel healthy and well; you deserve a zest and energy for life. You owe it to yourself to complete the program as per the Good Doctor’s instructions and assistance …. but of course, ultimately these are your choices but we certainly hope to encourage you to long-term positive life-changes :o)

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