This page will keep growing as more Tips come to hand, both from our own research plus useful information that we welcome from our successful users….

PLAN the entire program and include in your planning:

  • put aside some days prior to starting for a detox
  • wean off sugary foods and drinks ….. going from high sugar to nil sugar may bring about lethargy and headaches
  • cordoning off your diary for the very Low Calorie phase in particular
  • ensure you have access to the food list in case you need to purchase a snack or you are out shopping
  • have in the fridge and/or freezer enough of the “correct” VLC phase foods
  • throw out any foods that might be tempting during the program
  • read your instructions so you have an understanding of what you will be doing
  • and keep reading, and re-reading because as you go through the program, information that did not seem relevant suddenly becomes very relevant. It is often only when something is relevant that we give it our full attention.

PRIORITISE your importance:

yes, YOU ARE IMPORTANT and undertaking this program successfully can have the most amazing effects….wonderful long-term effects.

So allow yourself to be the focus of your attention for this short time. Ultimately, you will be able to give of yourself so much more as you return to the healthy happy state that we deserve to enjoy.

PREPARE YOUR MEAL for the following day, especially if you work or expect to be out.

Many folk make a double amount of their dinner so they can have the second portion for lunch or dinner the following day.

An example could be grilled chicken and cooked tomatoes for dinner; grill 2 pieces of chicken so that the second one can be had the following day with, say, raw tomato, or chopped celery, or canned asparagus spears etc etc.

KEEP HANDY your fruit and grissinis.

XYLITOL chewing gum can be a useful ploy if you are tempted to wander off track.

XYLITOL and STEVIA are both acceptable sweeteners

BRAGG LIQUID AMINOS or BRAGG ALL PURPOSE SEASONING are wonderful for flavouring food. They are an identical product but one is named for Australia whilst the other is named for New Zealand.

SLIM PASTA is a nil calorie and nil carb pasta that can be used to bulk up a meal on the VLC phase. It is availabel in Coles and Woolies and even comes in a “rice” version. It is actually not pasta or rice – it is glucomannan or konjac …. the root of a plant that is dried and made into different shapes. It has been around and known by the Asian community for thousands of years….many of the Asian Noodle dishes are actually using this konjac product!

STORE your GLASS BOTTLE of drops in a plastic container with THREE SPOONS ….. remove a spoon with each dose that you take so you can easily identify if you have taken your dose or not.

And by counting the drops into a spoon over the plastic container will prevent any dropping/breakage. You have no idea how many people have to re-order because they drop their bottle…..soft-gels obviously have neither of these problems.

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