Omelette & Tomatoes


Omelette & Tomatoes
Recipe type: Vegetarian
  • Four egg whites + one egg yolk (protein quota)
  • Tomatoes (2-3 slices and the remainder as wedges)
  • onion salt
  • chopped parsley(fresh if possible) or coriander
  • pinch oregano or other herbs
  • pinch of paprika
  • coarse ground pepper
  • wedge of lemon
  • Note the proportion of egg whites to an egg yolk. Yolk contains an amount of fat, whereas the white is high in protein. Dr Simeons established this ratio during his original research. The added seasonings will certainly lift the flavour.
  1. Combine the 4x whites + 1 x yolk adding pepper, onion salt, paprika and pour into a non-stick pan on a low heat to prevent sticking. Sprinkle the herbs and lay the tomato slices onto the egg once it is cooking. Cover and leave on a low heat for a minute or three then roll the edges over the tomato and serve on a plate with the remaining tomato as wedges fanned around the plate – very pretty. A wedge of lemon which can be squeezed onto the tomatoes with fresh chopped herbs adds further to the meal.
  2. Tip
  3. If you whisk the 4 x egg whites first, they will expand incredibly into a fluffy bowlful! Add the 1 x yolk and whisk for a couple of seconds (too much and the fluff will cave in. Pour this mixture into a non-stick pan or a heated frypan with a little water to prevent sticking then cover and allow to cook slowly so that the fluffy egg will cook - this is most important. A low heat, remember, cover and left to cook through for up to 10 minutes!)
  4. This will produce the fattest, biggest omelette you can imagine...look at my photo...4cm thick, no less!


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