Plan your plan

This is actually a very important step to your success…..”Plan Your Plan” …. in fact there are several steps:

Step 1:

Essentially, you need to consider the following.

Please refer to the explanations and diagrams in your Companion Guide or Box Insert….a program consists of:

  • 2 days of Loading when a good amount of healthy foods are enjoyed which can include almost anything at all; it is suggested not to over-eat and become uncomfortable. The formula is taken over these 2 days so that it builds up in the system ready to carry you into the VLC phase (very low calorie);
  • 21 days minimum of the VLC food list adhering closely to all the instructions whilst taking the formula; (this can be increased to 40+ days dependant on your goals)
  • 2 days remaining on the VLC food list but not taking the formula;
  • the all-important Maintenance Phase which lasts a similar number of days to the number you spent on the VLC. The shortest time for this phase is 2 weeks and only then can it be considered complete if the low achieved weight has reliably stabilised.

Adding the above steps together gives you an idea of the time you need to allocate for yourself. Certainly, the Maintenance Phase (MP) is so much more flexible than the VLC phase when the food intake is very specific. Whilst the MP calls for a strict avoidance of sugars and starches/carbohydrates, calorie intake is not limited and many people actually decide to use the MP style of eating as their life-long choice.

Step 2:

If you are wishing to do a detox prior to the plan, then schedule that into your plan also.

Step 3:

Next, read your literature and make available some of the allowed foods to get you started on the first few days of the VLC phase including the allowed flavourings for interest.

  • Consider which recipes interest you.
  • Buy and pack your protein into 100gr packs.
  • Have a few of the allowed vegetables,
  • and allowed fruits
  • Buy your grissini / melba toast
  • Have available teas including green and herbal tea

Step 4:

Again, not to be overlooked and both are recommendations from Dr Simeons. Regretful feedback from those who delayed this step as once they were a few days into the program and saw their goal inching towards them, they did not have the starting weight and measurements to see the real progress they were making:

  • have available digital scales for your daily weigh-in (believe it or not, you will actually be looking forward to this within a few days of starting!)
  • have a tape measure to measure various parts of the body. Totally the measurements and comparing the totals weekly will give you amazing incentive
    • bust/chest (nipple line)
    • chest (just below breasts)
    • waist (navel line if waist not evident)
    • hips (where you are the biggest which may be top of thighs)
    • “midway” which is between hips and waist
    • thighs (where you are the biggest)
    • knees (just above the knee)
    • calves (where they are the biggest)
    • upper arms (above elbow where they are the biggest)
    • forearms (below elbow where they are the biggest)
Some people are keen for before and after photos but that is a personal and optional choice.

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