Dr Simeons

Dr Simeons researched his hcg diet extensively over more than 20 years….what he has presented to the World is his end-result-findings and he kindly recorded this in his manuscript “Pounds and Inches”, the last revision being 1971.

The product you have bought is the latest development in the formula and we are very proud to tell you that these superb and efficacious products are the proprietary development by us at Eagle Supreme here in Australia. They are designed to work in exact conjunction with Dr Simeons “hcg diet” and over time have been seen to produce excellent results in terms of weight loss and well-being. Furthermore, much of what Dr Simeons wrote in his manuscript has been seen to still be relevant with our modern products of soft-gel and liquid.

To understand how and why the program works, it is highly recommended as part of your preparation to read and re-read Dr Simeons’ manuscript “Pounds and Inches”. Furthermore, please consider printing it (just over 60 pages)…either at home or take the file to OfficeWorks or the equivalent and have it printed and bounds for well under $10. As you progress through the program, some sections will become increasingly meaningful and useful to you.

Please download the pdf file here

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