Many of us undergo a detox now and then….a cleansing of our system resulting in a healthier feel inside, and doubtless a real benefit for our physical body.

The VLC phase (very low calorie) draws the food choices from a specific list of foods. Resultantly, this specific list, the foods that Dr Simeons included on this list over decades of research, the exclusion of all sugars, oils/fats, carbohydrates/starch and processed foods seems to offer quite an effective detoxification for the body. Over the years, our dietary habits, the pollutants that surround us in the 21st century, smoking, alcohol all contribute to a toxic build-up within us. The body will store some of these toxins for “safe-keeping” it would seem in our fat stores. When these fat stores are released during this program, so are the toxins which must be processed by the body including the liver. Doing a detox prior to the program can reduce the effects that can be experienced during the low calorie phase. Headaches and lethargy can be reported as the body deals with toxins and withdrawals from certain foods.

A simple detox suggestion is mentioned in your printed Companion Guide, “Going, Going, Gone!” and your Box Insert:

  • wean off sugar and processed foods
  • increase water intake – add fresh lemon juice to some glasses of water, in particular the first glass of the day
  • drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily
  • eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and good quality meats
  • water intake for all of us at any time should be at least 2 litres per day, and more in hot weather
  • organic apples are great for a detox but the apples do need to be organic
    reduction then abstaining from alcohol is a good suggestion. Alcohol cannot be had on the Very Low Calorie phase

Other suggestions are to research your own do-it-yourself detox; or

Purchase from your chemist, health food store or supermarket, a prepared detox; or

Purchase Detox Supreme (developed by us at Eagle Supreme to specifically match the requirements of this program) from the same place you bought our dietary formula.

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