VLC Plan1000 Diet Support with 1000 Calorie Fat Burning Meal Plan

VLC Plan1000 follows the identical program steps as the 500 Calorie Fat Burning Meal Plan, the ONLY difference being increasing calories by simply adding breakfast and higher protein portions for both lunch and dinner. …..many of our customers report similar weight loss outcomes (6-7kg* over 21 days) although it is suggested that weight loss may be a little less than with the 500 calorie program with a benefit of less plateaus.

The Plan 1000 (800-1000 calorie) Program is more suitable if –

  • You lead an active lifestyle, or
  • Have a physically demanding job, or
  • Undertake strenuous physical activity or exercise, or
  • Are averse to the idea of 500 calories of food daily

Dosage – METHOD 2 (two soft gel capsules daily) – one before breakfast and one before dinner.

*Individual results may vary


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