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Plan1000 VLC Diet Supreme Capsules – 50 Day – Program Guide Kit

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Package contains:
2 x bottle 50 VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules (both bottles are needed for 50 days on Plan1000)
1 x Program guide
1 x Body Tape Measure


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Premium Quality, Hormone Free. Designed for people who lead active lifestyles, have physically demanding jobs or who undertake strenuous exercise. Combined with a high protein 1000 calorie fat burning meal plan.

Average Weight Loss 6 to 7kg* in 25 days or up to 15kg* in 50 Days.

NO Hunger.  Includes Comprehensive Program Instructions, Food/Eating Plan, Recipes and FREE Ongoing Support.

Specifically formulated to target stored stubborn fat (adipose fat) the hardest fat to shift that most diets fail to address… You do not lose healthy fat (which is needed) or muscle.

Suitable for 2 x 25 Day Programs or 1 x 50 Day Program.

Dosage:  Two Soft Gel Capsules Daily – One before Breakfast and one before Lunch or Dinner (slow release) – To be taken in conjunction with our Specific 800-1000 Calorie Fat Burning Meal Plan.

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