Natural Health

All our Products are made with the Highest Quality Natural Ingredients here in Australia.

Turbo Multi-Vit Supreme

A Powerful Therapeutic Strength Multi-Vitamin, Mineral & Herbal Formula designed for daily nutritional needs and to support and increase the bodies immunity. May improve Stamina, Endurance, Energy, Vitality, Mental & Physical Performance, Relieve Fatigue, Exhaustion, Stress & Nervous Tension.

Detox Supreme

Therapeutic Strength 21 Day Detox. Detoxifies Liver, Kidneys & Digestive System. Improves Liver Functions & Maintains Healthy Digestive Function. Increases Vitality and contains Powerful Antioxidants & Potent Adaptogens. Can be COMBINED with ALL our Products for OPTIMAL Results.

Body Tape Measure

Our Body Tape Measure will make taking your measurements when you have no-one to help hold the tape so much simpler.

ORGASM phase 2 & 3 dessert Recipes that will blow your mind!

“ORGASM” is an Dessert E-Book produced by recipe developer Jaya John, owner of Gourmet Spice Kits. ORGASM consists of 21 everyday favourite dessert recipes that Jaya has put her creative flare and healthy spin to. The recipes are delicious, super quick, bursting with flavour in each bite and will tickle your sweet tooth. The book consists of recipes for Phase 2, Phase 3 and Maintenance.

Hey Sugar Cakes – Phase 4 Recipes

Jaya John’s recipes have all been trialled and tested on family and friends at various family gatherings. Most importantly nobody even suspected that they were enjoying healthy, refined sugar free, decadent desserts. So these recipes are designed to make life easy and will help you make delicious desserts that will 100% float everyone’s boat. These recipes can be used in phase 4, all year around as a refined sugar free, low carb healthy alternative.

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