Which plan for me?

Diet Drops or Soft gels?

Once you have decided on following the VLC diet plan, the next thing to do is choose between the once-a-day soft-gel option or the three times daily liquid diet drops.

Our VLC Soft Gel Capsules work exactly the same way as the Diet Drops and follow the same Diet protocol, only difference is the convenience (for some folks) of a one per day dosage taken with one or your main protein meals (lunch or dinner) instead of drops under the tongue 3 times per day.

Some people prefer taking the formula 3 times per day (this is a more psychological connection to having the formula 3 times) whilst others prefer the convenience of one SLOW RELEASE soft gel capsule per day…..one is not better than the other.

So it’s best to choose one that you feel more comfortable with.

When the Diet protocol is followed correctly the soft gel capsules and diet drops produce the same weight loss results. We have received excellent feed back from customers who have used both.

We recommend that the soft gels and drops are not mixed or taken together – choose one or the other.
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What size bottle?

The diet plan, should last a minimum of 3 weeks and is usually best completed at maximum 6 weeks then followed by the equally important Maintenance Phase to stabilise the lost weight. Multiple programs can be undertaken if necessary with a new one starting only after the Maintenance Phase has been successfully completed

25 soft-gel container or a 30ml bottle diet drops will generally accommodate up to a 7kg weight loss* and will last the “23 day diet plan” (when drops are accurately measured)

50 soft-gel container or a 60ml bottle diet drops will generally accommodate weight loss in excess of 7kg*and will last in excess of the “40 day diet plan” (when drops are accurately measured)
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Should I order the Companion Guide?

Yes, we highly recommend ordering the companion guide for first time users. Not understanding or following the program correctly will inhibit achieving the most optimal weight loss results. Discounted packages are available.
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Can I just buy a refill?

Yes, if you have done the program before and already have the correct information. If you have done the program previously with another business we recommend you contact us to ensure you have the original, validated and correct information so you achieve optimal results.
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I regularly workout, can I still do the VLC Diet plan?

Exercise other than walking it not part of the original VLC Diet program. If you already exercise and want to continue exercising (e.g gym, cardio, classes ect) then we recommend the Plan 1000. This plan is more suitable and includes a higher calorie intake of 800-1000 calories.
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Do you have package for two people?

Yes, please see the packages page.
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*These are not guaranteed outcomes but rather, what is generally reported. Weight loss may be less or more than these average figures. Weight loss will vary dependant on the individual and how well they adhere to the VLC Diet instructions.

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