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Jade, Perth

Lost 40kg* Jade used our Weight Management Diet Drops

Hi my name is Jade, I’m 25 years old and have struggled with my weight since being a young teen. My heaviest weight was 105 kilo’s. I’ve tried every diet program, shake, magic pill – you name it, I’ve tried it – nothing really worked. I’d lose a few kilo’s here or there, but never did I lose the amount I needed to be considered a healthy weight.

From the age of 17 till about 24, my weight had been up and down like a yoyo, I’d lose it, put it back on… the same thing most people go through. I didn’t just try quick fixes, in all the years I’ve been trying to lose weight – I learnt what to eat and what not to eat, how to train at the gym etc Even though I’d never lost all the weight I wanted to lose, I still new right from wrong. Even after I’d lost 10-15 kilo’s, over time I was never able to maintain the weight I’d lost.

The first time I tried the VLC diet, I thought it was one of the hardest, no let me re-phrase that, it was the hardest diet to stick to, but I wouldn’t call it a diet – I’d call it a program which enables you to pin point what your body can and can’t tolerate after completing a specific eating program which is designed to assist you lose weight that has been stored in places that no other diet has been able to shift before.

After completing the specific eating program which I only did for 21 days, not only had I lost a great deal of weight (a healthy amount) my body had changed in ways that I’d never seen before. I personally have a pear shaped body, big thighs and a big bottom – this diet stripped the fat from those areas without extreme exercise. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in exercise but this diet still allows the body to reshape itself with the soft gel capsules or diet drops of which I have used both with great results.

I did do this diet more than once, all up I completed it 4 times and I’m proud to say after all the diets and all the programs I have tried in all the years, this has been the only one that has brought me to my goal weight. I can now say, I am classed as a healthy weight due to my BMI – before I was classed as obese. I started at 105 kilo’s and I now weigh 65 kilo’s……so I’ve lost 40 kilo’s.

Now anybody who has dieted numerous times will know that the last few kilo’s are the hardest. In all the years I was never able to get myself into the 60’s but this program got me there and I must admit, the day I looked at the scales and realised I was finally in the 60’s, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Yes its hard, and yes the first 21 days are restrictive but it is so worth it and not only have I lost all the weight and am at my goal weight, I’ve also managed to keep it off by following the maintenance phase properly. Yes this is a diet program but once completed – it allows you to make a life style change that you can manage forever. Its the best thing I have ever done and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight.

If followed correctly it has amazing results. I personally feel its awareness should be publicised more because it truly is an amazing program. Since losing the weight, the first couple of times I also used the green coffee beans and garcinia to assist with maintaining my weight loss and again both those products were fantastic.

I travelled to Bali, ate and drank not too bad, but not too good and in that week I didn’t put on any weight, I would swear I came back smaller. If paired with a healthy eating program they are more successful but I can personally guarantee that they work. All you have to do, is look at the photo’s… they will prove and show you how successful this program truly is.

I’ve never been happier and I have myself and this program to thank. I just wish I had discovered them earlier in my life as my weight held me back a great deal. Do yourself a favour and give it a go but do it properly, because if you don’t – your only cheating yourself.


*Individual results may vary

Nicky, Gold Coast

Lost 13.1kg* Nicky used our Weight Management Diet Drops

After I received my diet drops from you earlier this year, I was excited to be starting the diet as many of my friends had done it too and achieved amazing results. I was part of a 12 week challenge at Fenix Fitness Nerang and I wanted results!

I think that the before and after photos here speak for themselves and I am thrilled with the results.

I found the VLC Diet to be the easiest diet that I have ever done because the results were “instant” and that kept me focussed.

I had NO cravings, NO hunger pains and NO headaches (unlike what I had experienced on other diets.
I lost 13.1kg and during the Maintenance Phase I ran 5kms on the treadmill every other day and attended the Gym with my personal trainer – all to get fit for the Challenge. I came 3rd in the Women’s Challenge out of 300 entrants!

Thank you for providing a good quality product. I have recommended that my friends and family order their diet drops through you!

Warmest regards, Nicky

*Individual results may vary



Lost 60kg* Jamie used our Weight Management Diet Drops


I have lost 60kgs so far on this program I have come down from 185kg to 124kg. Jamie.

*Individual results may vary

SZ Woodstock, QLD

Lost 27kg* SZ used our VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

After watching my daughter lose 30kg, I was very keen to try the program. I started the VLC Diet Supreme Soft-Gel Capsules with the 500 calorie diet on the 5th of February weighting in at 104kg. I stuck to the diet extremely well, through the hard times when I didn’t lose anything for a day or two, to the good times when the weight was falling off. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and that I wasn’t hungry at all. I now also have a metabolism, which never really worked in the past. Since being on the diet my body has changed a lot and I have now lost 27kg in 10 weeks. Wow what a difference, this is only the beginning.

*Individual results may vary

JZ Woodstock QLD

Lost 30kg* JZ used our VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

I’m 27 and I have always had a battle with weight since I was young. It was affecting my health as I have a very rare genetic disorder, so I decided enough was enough.  A very good friend suggested that I try the program using the HCG tablets so I did.  After 30 days on the VLC Diet Supreme Soft-Gel Capsules with firstly on the 800-1000 calorie diet and then I took it down to the 500 calorie diet, as it was so easy to do and I couldn’t even eat 800 calorie… I lost 7kg during the first round. I’ve currently lost 30kg all up. I am so blessed to have a new lifestyle now and am now helping my mum and referring this to others, as anyone can do this, it will change your life Smiling face with open mouth

*Individual results may vary

KA Pyrmont NSW

Lost 22kg* KA used our VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

I started at 85kg and ended at 63kg for a total of 22kg lost!! The Program was amazing! It took some effort at the start as it’s so different from all other weight loss methods. But as long as you follow the instructions and trust the process, you quickly get into the groove and it becomes so EASY!!! I used the vlcd capsules; 3 rounds of 40 days on protocol.

*Individual results may vary


Lost 7.5kg* Shelley used our Weight Management Diet Drops

” I would like to just share my journey with the Weight Management Diet Drops. I was referred onto this plan from one of my friends, who had sourced the diet and drops from USA. I did a little research on the VLC Diet and how it all worked, and looked at various websites online. My friend found this business and gave me the details. I personally had about 7-9kgs to drop after my second baby, I just couldn’t move the extra kg’s and needed a new plan. I ordered my drops online and got an email straight away with delivery times and information. I received my drops about 3-4 days later and started the loading phase and then the VLCD for 21 days. I ended up doing the diet for 24 days and lost 7.5kgs and over 35cm over my entire body. It wasn’t easy as I had withdrawal symptoms from sugar and was hungry the first few days. What was amazing were the quick results this kept me motivated along the way, and I could see my clothes getting looser. I emailed Supreme Natural Health many a time just to get their tips on sugar alternatives and other queries I had along the way. I got quick replies and always supportive answers, which was great. On the 24th day I slipped back into my wedding dress from 6 years ago and felt wonderful. I then went on maintenance for 24 days as well and somehow lost a little bit more. I’m on the life after plan, which means I just eat smaller and smarter, but still enjoy my weakness of chocolate (in small doses). This program is wonderful and it was only 7 weeks out of my life, which I wish I invested a lot sooner. Thanks again guys, I feel fantastic and look forward to the new size 10 me !!!! ” *Individual results may vary

Tina, Western Australia

Lost 14kgTina used our VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

“These photos are only 40 days and 14 kg apart. I cannot believe how easy this program was once I decided that enough was enough. The step by step guide was easy to understand and follow. My detox from sugar was extremely difficult for the first 3 days so I needed some help with my kids for 1 day of that. I am now into maintenance part of the program and I am exercising and feeling better than I have in years. I still have another 10 kg to lose so I will work on that over the next few months. My husband cannot believe that I have actually stuck to this program and how easy it has been for me, let alone how dramatic the results were in such a small amount of time. Thank you Karen for all your support.” *Individual results may vary

AM, West Perth

Lost 7.5kgAM used our VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

“I started the vlc diet supreme capsules on the 15th of March weighing in at 81.5kg. 26 days later and I weigh 74kg! … I lost 7.5kg in 23 days and I’m stoked with the results. The diet plan is so simple and easy to follow. I feel healthier than I have in a long time and I feel more in control of my appetite. Thanks eagle supreme- highly recommend this program! .” *Individual results may vary

Deb, Victoria

Lost 11kgDeb used our Weight Management Diet Drops

“My name is Deb and I’m 54…

Have struggled with my weight since being in a couple of car accidents,and have tried a few different diets and didnt find any that suited my body or lifestyle until discovering the this diet, although I prefer to call it a eating program.

My starting weight was 98 kgs and I’m now down to 87 with another week to go on round two of the VLC Diet . Then I start my “Food Holiday” which is what I have named the maintanence phase after the retrictive part of the program.

I love the new me emerging, the new clothes I’m able to wear and just how much healthier I feel and look.. And

The things I love most about this eating program is the discipline and structure.. It works for me, I spend time each week preparing my meals ahead so each day I’m organised and its so easy.. When I buy my meat, I spend time cutting and weighing into portions and freezing for later use.

While I’m doing this for my own benefit, its lovely when people notice the difference in me, and complement me on my achievements and newer look.. I still have a way to go before I reach my ultimate goal weight but doing it in stages makes it doable..
I love being more in tune with my body and finding out what suits it, and this program definitely does, and I recommend it to anyone who takes the time to read this…  Enjoy the newer you!  I am!!!”
Update – Deb has now lost a total of 23kg*!  Go Deb!!
“Pictures taken today almost 24kg gone and still have another seven days on the vlcd before maintenance…
Size 16 and on my way to a size 14!!
Happy as!!!”
*Individual results may vary

Donna, Sydney, NSW

Lost 10kgDonna used our VLC Plan1000 Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

“I’ve just completed 37 days…

of the VLCD 1000 plan and I am so excited. I lost 10 kilos starting at 69.2 on Day 1 and finishing up on 59.2 on my first morning of maintenance. I sometimes have to look twice at the scales as I haven’t been this weight since before I was married 14 years ago. I had tried the 500 plan twice before but didn’t lose as successfully as the 1000. Within the first two days I had already lost two kilos and was excited to think I may lose 7 and not 6 like my previous times. By day 21 I had already lost 7 kilos and decided to take it further to reach my goal of 60 kilos. So, I bought a 25 refill to take me to day 35 and here I am, just below my goal.  Besides the weight loss, I love knowing that the weight I lost has come from stored fat and not structural.  I look fresh and not gaunt and feel light and healthy. This diet works and there is no other like it as I’ve tried them all.” *Individual results may vary

“Hi there, I have lost 9 kilos* in 20 days…

I cannot believe how quick it happened.  I have a long way to go but I feel great.” TG, Northam WA *Individual results may vary

“Hi, Just to let you know I lost 11kgs* in with no stress or anxiety…

This took 22 days. I’m doing the maintenance right now – then start Kettlebell exercise program. I’m very happy about this product and would recommend to anyone interested. Thank you so much for everything.
This is actually my second round since Sept last year (with a different product), but there was a no difference whatsoever in the excellent qualities of both. I did follow the plan to the rule for 98% of the time. I prepared well and felt a lot more astute with the protocol the 2nd time. As with most people, you learn that the main issue with weight longevity after the initial weight loss, is the challenge of minimizing “CARBS & SUGAR”!!!! This diet however gives you the best possible platform to address that problem once and all and it’s up to the individual to run with it I guess. Hopefully!!!  Best regards and thanks again”  RW, Sydney NSW  *Individual results may vary

“I was on 23 days diet plan and was successfully finished by losing 10kg*…

I have completed my maintenance phase successfully as well without gaining any weight. when I started my diet I was 78.9kg and currently I am 68.8kg….I am very excited and feel so much better and fresh. (I am planning to loose another 7-8kg) ”  PJ, Melbourne VIC *Individual results may vary

“It’s the best thing I have ever done and I would HIGHLY recommend it…

to anyone trying to lose weight. If followed correctly it has amazing results. I personally feel its awareness should be publicised more because it truly is an amazing program.  I started at 105 kilo’s and I now weigh 65 kilo’s……so I’ve lost 40 kilo’s*.  I’ve never been happier and I have myself and this program to thank.  Jade, Perth WA *Individual results may vary

“Hi, I am writing to let you how happy and successful I have been since…

getting started on the VLCD 500 calorie plan. On the 21 day program I have lost 8.2kg* and cannot believe how easy it was to get started, but also stay motivated. The Going, Going, Gone! booklet has been a tremendous support tool to answer any questions or concerns that may have arisen. Throughout the 21 days I continually referred back to the booklet for advice and confirmation, I wanted to give myself every chance to lose weight. It has been extremely easy considering I had huge issues with only having 500 calories a day, prior to getting started. Previously I have struggled on a daily basis with sugar cravings, but no more, in actual fact I struggled to eat all my allocated food on most days. This is only the beginning of my journey as I have a considerable amount of weight to lose, however I feel confident in reaching my desired weight thanks to the wonderful HCG Diet.”  GP, Brisbane, QLD *Individual results may vary

“Hi Supreme Natural Health team…

I begin Maintenance phase tomorrow; 13 kgs* and 50 cms donated back to the universe! Many thanks for your answering questions, support and championing me through. I’ll start another round loading over Easter, I have been so happy with my success and the ease of the program! Thanks again.” AE, Melbourne, VIC *Individual results may vary

“I was 53kg (but I am only 151cm)…

I prepared like suggested and did a detox for a week before starting the plan, and lost 1.5kg. For the 23 days on the diet drops, I lost a further 5.4kg. Two tips I’d like to share with others: going into the Maintenance Phase, I increased my calories gradually – 1st week 800-1000 cals; 2nd week 1000-1300 cals; 3rd week 1300-1470 cals all the time not dropping protein any lower than 100gr (which for my weight and frame is adequate 2gr per kilo). Second tip is the App “MyFitnessPal” – it is free and really helped me track the foods I was eating on the MP to ensure I was getting enough calories and protein. Thanks also for all your help ” KK, Sunshine West, QLD *Individual results may vary

” I just wanted to drop you a quick note…

to say how happy I am! I purchased HCG drops with the book and cd a couple of weeks ago, and started the program last Monday. To date, I have lost 6 kilos and 20 inches all over! I am full of energy; not feeling hungry; am sleeping well after 6 months+ of not doing so; my sadness over my weight is slowly beginning to turn into happiness with every inch and kilo I lose, and my overall sense of wellbeing and joy is being restored. I have, depending on when I fit into my beautiful “skinny” wardrobe, at least 15 more kilos to lose, but I know, if I follow the diet and use the drops, this will be an achievable goal. As much as I know this is my personal journey, I just want to say that I am so happy that I found your website.” MC Melbourne, VIC *Individual results may vary

“I have finished my first course…

of your diet drops and am delighted I have lost 8.5 kg on them. In the past I have completed several courses with the hormonal HCG homeopathic drops and I always have had side effects of emotional upset and when coming off the drops have had terrible gastrointestinal upset, but I can honestly say that with your diet drops I have had none of these symptom. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, as I still have some weight to lose, I will be doing additional courses, so far I have lost 43 kg. Warm regards Marianne ” Australia *Individual results may vary

“I ordered drops…

from you last week and my husband promptly joined me on the diet. He has lost 3.5 kgs in 6 days and thinks he is very smart. We had to buy another bottle. I have already lost 2.5 in 8 days. ” PE, Australia *Individual results may vary

“I thought you might like to know…

that I’m very pleased with the drops and the workings, I’ve lost 6.5KG in a week. They are Awesome. I know the weight loss can’t continue at this rate – must be a lot of fluid like you say but no other diet, like everyone says, can compare with this ” ASC, Australia *Individual results may vary

“Hi I just wanted to let you know…

my friend and I started the HCG diet at the same time. I used your drops and my friend had injections from the doctors. We lost exactly the same amount of weight. For me it was at a fraction of the cost and I didn’t have to inject myself. I could also redo the diet much sooner so now I have lost more weight than my friend. I have lost a total of 17 kilos and kept it off during maintenance. I am just about to start again so I can reach my ideal weight. I went from a large size 16 to a size 12 and want to get back down to my previous size 10. I am so happy and grateful to you it has changed my life. Nothing worked for me after I had unsuccessful IVF and went into early menopause. So this is like a miracle for me. And the other thing is I have heaps more energy. Anyway please feel free to use this as a testimonial because before I started I wasnt sure if I should do the drops or the injections now I am so happy I did the drops! ” PM, Australia *Individual results may vary

“I lost 7 kg on my first round…

(23 days) with your drops and and happily maintaining that weight; will be doing another round early 2012 to lose the remaining 5kg ” MC, Australia *Individual results may vary

“Hey Guys, Well I’ve been…

on the VLCD one week today and I’m feeling great! getting used to the diet, it just seems normal now 🙂 and I’ve lost 6 kilo’s!! I’m so happy! The results are fantastic!!! Thought I’d let you know!! 2 more weeks to go! Have a great day! ” JM, Australia *Individual results may vary

“OMG I’ve lost 4kgs…

in 3 days I can’t believe it. I’m never hungry. I thought there was something wrong with my scales but no, .I’ve actually lost 4kgs. So excited. Loving this product ” VG, Australia *Individual results may vary

“Hi Guys. I am having great results…

having lost 2.4 kilos in my first week and my son has lost 8 – it is so much better having a buddy to keep you honest and focused. Kind regards ” BT, Australia *Individual results may vary

“I was so pleased…

with my 6.5kg loss in 21 days – thank you ” JN, Australia *Individual results may vary

” I lost 17kgs…

on my first teatment… Thank you ” TR, Australia *Individual results may vary

“Things I found helpful…

in phase 2 are: Definitely buy digital calorie counter scales. It takes the guess work out of how many vegetables you can eat and will find you can eat more than what you thought. Try not to start eating until at least 12pm.Keep all fruit and vegetables at around 40-50 calories, this way the food is evenly distributed. I like to finish after dinner with a coffee and my allowed 1tbsp of milk and then that leaves me with about 50 calories of strawberries which is quite filling. Also making soups helps a lot. On my first round (now 6 days away from finishing phase 2 of a second round of the program) I do have to say it really was a breeze because I was also eating the miracle noodles. Unfortunately I got sick the first time I did the diet and the last thing I remember was eating the noodles so this time around no noodles for me which has made the diet a little more challenging! I followed everything else in the users guide to a tea (vitamins, psyllium hulls etc…) and was okay. People have to understand that the user’s guide must become their bible if they are to be successful with the program and that they owe it to themselves to do so. Thank you for providing us here in Australia with the drops and the whole program. It has changed my life forever. Keep going with the good work “DK, Australia *Individual results may vary


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