Diet Drops/Soft-Gels


Are your drops homeopathic?

No. Our drops are NOT Homeopathic. They are made from real physical ingredients that include a powerful combination of amino acid isolates and TCM (Therapeutic Chinese Medicine).
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Are your drops hormone free?

Yes. Both our drops and soft gels are HORMONE FREE. The actual hormone can only be administered with injections on prescription through a Medical Doctor. Both our drops and soft gels achieve the same results as the injections when the program is followed correctly. We offer an alternative for those who prefer not to be injected with the hormone. They are also much more cost effective.
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Do the drops and soft gels have the same ingredients?

Mostly. Both contain a powerful formula, weight loss results are the same…..just a different delivery method into the body.
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On just 500 calories, won’t I be hungry and have no energy? Sounds like starvation!

If you ate just 500 calories and did not take the soft gel capsules or diet drops, yes! But BOTH the soft gels and diet drops formula release the stored adipose fat (bad fat) which fuels the body and they contain a powerful natural appetite suppressant of herbal extracts so people do not feel hungry (unless their previous food intake was high in sugar which may produce sugar-withdrawal symptoms sometimes perceived hunger – a prior detox may assist here)
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I have been told I need to use expensive cosmetics?

The requirement whilst on the low calorie phase is to avoid putting oils and fats in or on the body. The price or quality is not the issue here, it is the oil/fat content that is to be avoided. Please read the labels! We do have available pure Aloe Vera Gel which is 100% oil free.
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Should I stop taking my medications whilst on my diet?

No. Keep taking any prescribed medication and only change from that if your health professional advises you to.
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I am taking HRT – do I have to stop?

No, as both our soft gels capsules and drops are hormone free – they will not interfere with HRT.
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What are Grissini and Melba Toast?

A Grissini is a pencil-sized stick of crisp dry bread.  A melba toast is a mini, dry and crisp thinly sliced toast.
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Where do I buy Grissini and Melba Toast?

Most supermarkets or grocery stores, in the biscuit/cracker aisle or deli section.  They are not difficult to find when you know what to look for. Check the labels and keep the calories and oil content to a minimum.
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People say they are not hungry on the diet – what if I do feel hungry?

Yes, most people do not feel hungry whilst on the diet. A proper loading will help prevent this, but if hunger is experienced, the following may help:

  • ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water (this can be as green tea, also)
  • psyllium hulls (1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water several times a day)
  • bulk your meals up to large bowls of soup (see our Recipes on free CD with our Companion Guide
  • spread your food throughout the day, for example, break the snack (eg apple) into smaller pieces to chew on so that you always have something to reach for if you need it
  • use miracle noodles also know as Slim Pasta available from the health foods section of Coles and Woolies.
  • make sure you are eating your full vegetable quota….celery has negative calories, cabbage very very low
  • Slim Pasta from Coles/Woolies has next to no calories or carbohydrates and is a fantastic product to keep handy for any phase of this plan

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Can I drink coffee?

Yes, you can (but remember the milk and sugar instructions).
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Can I drink alcohol?

No, not on the low calories phase but Pounds & Inches suggests you can have a glass of wine once in a while on the Maintenance Phase…..just once in a while!
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Can I drink diet soft drinks?

Although we don’t recommend drinking diet drinks that are sweetened with aspartame due to the health risks….., for more info see this link , a small amount now and then will not interfere with your weight loss results. If you can find diet drinks that have been sweetened naturally with something like stevia, these would be a much healthier choice.
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I have seen other similar diets which cost hundreds of dollars? Are they better?

There are many reasons for differing prices. We cannot speak for other businesses but following our own amazing weight loss experience, have set our mission to providing top quality soft gel capsules and diet drops (Made, Licensed and ARTG Listed in Australia) at the best price we can whilst sustaining our business, plus, we freely answer all questions the best we can for no fee (peer support; medical questions should always be referred to your health care professional who knows your history).
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You have the plan now in soft-gel. Are they better?

The soft-gel was developed by us at Eagle Supreme over the last 18 months – it is the first product of its kind in the World and we have worked hard to make it available to you. VLC Diet Supreme soft-gel capsules with ARTG 212467. They are Australian Made and only include ingredients that are Australian Compliant. They are manufactured in a Licensed Australian Facility which is subject to rigorous testing on a regular basis. The soft-gel is a once-a-day slow release delivery of a very powerful amino acid/plant-herbal formula. This is so convenient to take, and a dose is rarely, if ever, forgotten.

Some people prefer taking the formula 3 times per day (this is a more psychological connection to having the formula 3 times) whilst others prefer the convenience of one SLOW RELEASE soft gel capsule per day… is not better than the other.
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I have heard that some people do the diet but need a doctor’s prescription.

Some people like to use the original hormone injection regime that was brought into being 60 years ago. To use the hormone injections, a prescription is indeed needed from a Medical Doctor. We supply the latest Australian Made and Australian Compliant non-homoeopathic hormone-free diet drops which have been achieving excellent results since the beginning of 2011……And now, soft gel capsules. We are receiving excellent feedback, from customers who have used both.
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I have heard that a High Quality Multi Vitamin with all the B vitamins should be taken.

It certainly is a recommendation when on the 500 calorie program. The food list excludes many foods that are high in Vitamin B and when the protocol was first researched 60 years ago, foods had a superior nutritional value to those on offer today. We have a Turbo Multi-Vit Supreme with ARTG 213913. A Therapeutic Strength Muliti-Vitamin that contains ALL the B Vitamins in addition to Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Rhodiola and Ginseng. Specifically designed to complement the VLC Diet or can be used as a stand alone product. Or look at the label of the one you might already be taking and continue with that.
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500 calories doesn’t sound enough – I’d prefer to eat more calories!

Most people report that 500 calories of food, which is in addition to the energy from released stored fats, is sufficient to comfortably undertake their daily activities. For those who are concerned with the required low calories of 500 daily, we have Plan1000 which has been specifically formulated to accommodate a higher protein intake (800-1000 calories in total per day). Weight loss can be slower but tends to be more stable with less plateaux.

Taking the VLC Diet Supreme soft-gel capsules as 2 capsules daily as per its label (Method 2) will allow for the doubled protein intake.
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Can I substitute the foods for other foods of the same calories?

The Endocrinologist who pioneered the VLC Diet went to painstaking lengths to develop the VLC food list. Foods included or excluded is for good reason, deviating from this list will invariably have an adverse effect on your weight loss goals.
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Is it okay to do this diet if pregnant or breast feeding?

The label cautions against doing this or any other diet whilst pregnant or breast feeding without prior consultation with your health care professional. It is a low calorie diet.
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My naturopath told me people are often “acidic” and this can slow my weight loss on a diet. Is this a problem?

The pH in our body should not be acidic (under 7 with 7 being neutral – 7.4 is reportedly a healthy pH reading). Some foods can help make the body more alkaline and this will facilitate weight loss. Acidity is a common problem and we stock an excellent alkaliser (pH Balance Formula) to help those who need alkalising.
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I am experiencing food cravings.

If your diet has been high on sugar, alcohol or gluten, you may experience cravings in the early part of the program. They will pass and once the program is over, you may discover that you no longer crave those things.
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I like to have breakfast but this diet says I cannot.

The VLC Diets suggests in this instance to have one of the snacks as breakfast. (Plan1000 is a different method that allows for breakfast but weight loss can be – but not always – slower. VLC Diet Supreme can be taken as 2 capsules daily to accommodate a doubled protein intake.)
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Do I have to eat organic foods? They are expensive and hard to get?

No you don’t have to eat organic foods but we all benefit from foods with no sprays etc. Yes, they can be expensive and hard to get.
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So the foods are “specific”…How do I know that I am doing everything correctly?

We make available our printed Companion Guide, “Going, Going, Gone!” for anyone who has not done this Plan before. It has been compiled to address as much as possible for the person undertaking this program. It is available at a reduced price with many of our products, or can be purchased on its own.
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Do I have to have the diet drops with food?

No. So long as the three doses of our drops are spread throughout the day, and that there is 10-15mins free of food and drink either side of taking the drops, that is all you need to do.
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Do I have the soft-gel with food?

Yes. Follow the label and take a once-a-day soft-gel 10 minutes before one of the main protein meals (lunch or dinner).
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What happens if my period starts while I am still taking the soft gels or drops?

A1: Continue on the 500calorie diet but stop taking the soft gels or drops. Recommence taking the soft gels or drops when period is over and add that number of days to your program. This will mean for eg, if 5 days of menstruation occur, then on a 23 day program, you will be on the drops for 23 days by “enjoying” a 500 cal diet for 28 days.

A2: Recent information suggests there is no need to cease the soft gels or drops during menstruation. NOTE: there will inevitably be fluid retention during menstruation that can be reflected on your scales as no weight loss or even a slight weight increase. Refer to our Companion Guide.
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What happens if I stop the diet due to unforeseen circumstances?

It can be resumed under the following circumstances: As per “Pounds & Inches” “If an interruption of treatment lasting more than four days is necessary, (…) increase the diet to at least 800 Calories by adding meat, eggs, cheese, and milk to the diet after the third day, as otherwise he will find himself so hungry and weak that he is unable to go about his usual occupation. If the interval lasts less than two weeks (you) can directly resume the drops and the 500 Calorie diet” A more complete explanation is in our Companion Guide.
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I planned to do the 23 day plan but I want to go on longer – can I do that?

Yes, and a lot of people decide to do exactly that…..add more days or weeks as suits you and your well-being… you near the 40 day mark, weight loss may slow. Even if you are keen to go on, if the weight loss slows to a stop, then move on to the next phase then re-do the program. (In total, including another Loading Phase)
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My weight loss whilst on the drops was going well but now it has stopped.

“Pounds & Inches” explains this well….in brief: “There may be no drop at all for two or three days and then a sudden loss which re-establishes the normal average. These fluctuations are entirely due to variations in the retention and elimination of water, which are more marked in women than in men.”
It also explains that fat cells empty then appear to become filled with water as the body works on breaking down the cell membrane. Once it does this, the fluid is released and the weight drops.
Again from “Pounds & Inches”….a plateau, and this is not uncommon (lasting 4-6 days usually in the second half of the program) can either be allowed to resolve itself or an Apple Day can be undertaken. Our Companion Guide and the “Pounds & Inches” manuscript has more information on this.
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Do I have to wait any time before doing another program?

No, you can start another program straight after you have completed the Maintenance Phase and stabilised your weight.  Our formulas are hormone free so there is no need to have breaks between programs.
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How long is the shelf-life of the soft gels or drops?

Each batch generally has a shelf-life of three years. Whether opened or unopened, you can long-term store the soft gels and drops when not in use in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is okay but not necessary.
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Can I eat pork?

Pork is fine on the Loading Phase and Maintenance Phase but not on the low calorie phase – refer to “Pounds & Inches”‘ manuscript, page 31.
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Should I do a detox prior to the program?  If so, can you suggest one?

It is reportedly quite a benefit to each of us to undertake a detox periodically. This can be especially so if one’s lifestyle is not described honestly as a healthy one….also, living in the 21st century brings with is pollutants in all manner and from which it is difficult to escape.

We have 3 suggestions:

  1. Do the free one as described in our Companion Guide;
  2. Include our Detox Supreme which is ARTG listed and a specifically designed Therapeutic Strength 21 day Detox before commencing the diet.
  3. Include our Detox Supreme which is ARTG listed and a specifically designed Therapeutic Strength 21 day Detox at the SAME time as commencing the diet…. Hence you do both the diet and the detox together over 21 days…..a popular choice as both are achieved together and weight loss results may be enhanced.

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What fruit can I have whilst on Maintenance Phase as I know I need to avoid sugar?

A useful site to visit for this and a wealth of other information in
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What happens if my weight loss stalls?

Invariably there may be plateaux experienced at certain times during the program. Our Companion Guide explains this with techniques to overcome them. Check, check and re-check to see if there is no other reason like an unintended or unconscious deviation from the VLC Diet instructions. In the manuscript, “Pounds and Inches”, it explains there is always a reason for this. And remember, with some people, fat is redistributed from those places where it is in excess to other places where it is lacking so their weight may not change but their shape does.
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What happens if I cheat a little? Do I have to start again?

Any time one deviates from the instructions, there is a chance that weight loss will stall but adding a day or two to the program may be sufficient to see the same weight loss outcome. “Life happens” etc and it is difficult to cordon off the entire program time with no interruption to the diet. Best to prioritise yourself if you can. If you deviate just be prepared to add a day or two or accept a slightly lesser weight loss.
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Can you give me an example of what might stall my weight loss?

Any deviation from the Diet Plan is a “risk”….just 2 grams of sugar (small glass of wine) or 2-3 grams of fat (couple of bites from a pizza) may be enough to stall weight loss for a day or so! Our Companion Guide explains more reasons for an apparent stall in weight loss.
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The drops have a different taste this time?

Our diet drops are now proudly made here in Australia in a Licensed facility, Australian compliant and are of the highest quality available. We are the only Australian Company that offer Approved and Licensed Diet Drops. The original ingredients for adipose fat release and appetite suppression have been maintained with the addition of Therapeutic Chinese Medicine (TCM) to further support and assist the body when on such a low calorie program.

The change in taste and colour is due to the fact that the drops now have the additional benefits of Therapeutic Chinese Medicine (TCM) added to the formula in the form of additional herbal and plant extracts.

The additional herbs have changed the flavour making it have a more herbal and slightly bitter flavour.

Should you find the formula a little strong, you can dilute it in a tablespoon of water before placing it in your mouth. Example – 10 drops in a tablespoon of water 3 times per day.  This will in no way effect the quality of the drops, nor their performance.
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Why has the colour of the drops changed?

The change in colour is due to the addition of these herbs and Green Tea……however we can assure you that the change in taste and colour is well worth it as the formula now offers much more support and assistance with regards to energy, stamina and endurance whilst improving the active ingredients for weight loss.
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