Month: April 2019

Healthy Mother’s Day Present Ideas

Do something different this year and get your special mum a healthy present to thank her for being your mum! We understand present giving can sometimes be difficult to do, which is why we want to help you shock and surprise those close to your heart. Fitbit Get your mum a fitbit this year to […]

Zucchini Crusted Chicken with Cauliflower Mash & Garlic Green Beans

Ingredients 1 medium sized zucchini 200g free range chicken breast 1/2C parmesan cheese 1 pinch of chili flakes (optional) 1 bag of fresh green beans 1 cauliflower head 1/2C soy milk Parsley 1 clove of garlic Olive oil 1 lemon Salt and pepper to taste Method: Preheat the oven to 180 fan forced. Bring 2 […]

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