Swimwear for the Bigger Busted Woman

Choosing flattering and functional swimwear can be a difficult task at the best of times. It is not uncommon for women to try on every style of suit in the store before leaving empty handed as well as crestfallen.

Finding the right swimwear for the bigger bust can prove to be even more of an impossible task. While colour, shape and size might be your firsts considerations, so too must be support, coverage and comfort.

Today we discuss our top tips for sourcing the perfect swimwear for your bigger busted frame.

Wide straps and ample material

Wider material straps coupled with more material in the cup area work together toward a myriad of positive swimwear traits – wide straps will not only offer you proper support and lift, they’ll also stop material digging in to your shoulders and neck which can often result in muscle tension. Choosing a suit with enough material to cover the majority of the breast will also offer you more support than the skimpier counterpart, but will also provide a bit of an insurance policy when in the water, meaning that your bikini top will stay where it’s supposed to, and not end up over your head! 😉

Halter neck to separate and tighten

Halter neck swimwear made its way into many women’s wardrobes in the 1950’s, but not only because they are fashionable. Halter neck tops often come with a tie option behind the neck, which allows the wearer to ‘lift and separate’ the breasts, as well as tighten and support as necessary. Halter necks look fantastic on the bigger busted woman because they obliterate the ‘uni-boob’ look that so many cossies inevitably offer.



While the underwire is not often the most popular choice for comfortable swimwear, it should be an essential weapon in the bigger-boobed woman’s arsenal. The underwire supports and lifts the breast, yes, but it also keeps them in the right place, avoiding the dreaded relocation of swimmers that we so often see with triangle bikini styles.

Front zip for desired coverage

Zippers at the bust area of swimwear are fabulous because they not only look good, they give you the opportunity to decide exactly how much décolletage you fancy showing off! Zip up for extra coverage, zip down to show the world what your Mamma gave you!

Choose your colours wisely

The golden rule when choosing swimwear will depend on exactly what your main aim with your boobies is – do you want to highlight them, or make take the emphasis off of them? Stick to darker colours on top of your style to draw the eyes away from the area, and choose lighter colours on top to highlight the area.

While it still may be somewhat of a mission to find the ideal swimsuit for your body type this Summer, shopping when armed with these tips just might make all the difference. Planning on spending lots of time in your new swimsuit in the sun? Look after your skin during the warmer months with Supreme Natural Health’s Sea Buckthorn Skin Rejuve moisturising cream, which soothes and repairs skin whilst leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

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