Month: October 2015

To detox or not to detox

Health fads come and go. It’s hard to tell which ones are worth following and what is just a money-grabbing scheme that won’t make a difference. Detoxes are one of those trends. Many celebrities and dieticians promote the benefits of following a strict diet for a short period of time in the name of good […]

Meditation for the attention impaired

The image we associate with meditation is of a person dressed in floaty cheesecloth. They’re sitting in the lotus position, having achieved a perfect state of Zen. For most of us, having nothing to do for more than five minutes is barely achievable, let alone using that time to meditate. Plus, the thought of completely […]

Three tips for Planning Meals Ahead

The most common response to the question “How are you?” lately seems to be “Busy!” Does anybody out there not feel run off their feet, with a billion plus one things to do before lunchtime? The trick to not feeling overwhelmed by everyday life is to be organised. Think ahead and plan your meals so […]

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