Month: September 2015

How to set goals and make them happen!

It’s easy to form a picture of the ideal you, but how do you turn that vision into a reality? Here’s how to set goals for you and actually achieve them. Many experts teach the following basic formula for success: Dream Set Goals Make a Plan Take Action Step one is definitely the easy part! […]

Is Dieting and a Holiday an impossible mix?

Ok, so you have worked hard all year and now it is time to start planning a holiday.   Your diet is going well and you are starting to fit into the clothes you want and like what you see in the mirror.   And the encouraging comments from friends and family are most flattering! But the […]

The not-so-secret weight loss secret!

Why sleep is the new gym – Jamie Oliver’s weight loss secret… When he stepped out to celebrate his recent 40th birthday, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver did so looking a lot slimmer than he has in recent years. Happily revealing the tricks behind his trim down, Jamie explained that he had cut back on the […]

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