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“I’ve just completed 37 days of the VLCD 1000 plan and I am so excited.

I lost 10 kilos starting at 69.2 on Day 1 and finishing up on 59.2 on my first morning of maintenance.

I sometimes have to look twice at the scales as I haven’t been this weight since before I was married 14 years ago.

I had tried the 500 plan twice before but didn’t lose as successfully as the Plan1000.

Within the first two days I had already lost two kilos and was excited to think I may lose 7 and not 6 like my previous times.

By day 21 I had already lost 7 kilos and decided to take it further to reach my goal of 60 kilos. So, I bought a 25 refill to take me to day 35 and here I am, just below my goal.

Besides the weight loss, I love knowing that the weight I lost has come from stored fat and not structural.  I look fresh and not gaunt and feel light and healthy.

This diet works and there is no other like it as I’ve tried them all.” *Individual results may vary


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