VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules

Our VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsules with ARTG 212467 is a World First from us here in Australia after years of development. It contains a complete profile of Powerful amino acids plus the fullest range of herbal and plant extract support – the exact combination required to facilitate the release of stubborn stored fat (adipose fat) and suppress appetite. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) form part of the supporting ingredients.

Designed to be extremely effective when taken in conjunction with Dr Simeon’s Scientifically Proven & Validated VLC 500 Calorie Fat Burning Meal Plan.

Average weight loss – up to 7kg* on the 25 day program or up to 15kg* on the 50 day program

Specifically formulated to target stored stubborn fat (adipose fat) the hardest fat to shift that most diets fail to address… You do not lose healthy fat (which is needed) or muscle… NO Exercise… NO Hunger.

Dosage – The formula is so powerful that just ONE SOFT-GEL Capsule is taken per day (Slow Release) before your main protein meal (lunch or dinner).

Refill Bottles are NOT recommended for first time users. Refills should only be purchased when you already have the Companion Guide/Instructions.

See our $100.00 Cash back offer

*Individual results may vary


Happy Customers


Perth, Western Australia

“Its the best thing I have ever done and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight.  I started at 105 kilo’s and I now weigh 65 kilo’s……so I’ve lost 40 kilo’s.”


Well I’ve been on the VLCD one week today and I’m feeling great! Getting used to the diet, it just seems normal now ? and I’ve lost 6 kilo’s!! Im so happy! The results are fantastic!!!


Brisbane, Queensland

“On the 21 day program I have lost 8.2kg and cannot believe how easy it was to get started, but also stay motivated. I feel confident in reaching my desired weight thanks to the wonderful VLC Diet.”


Perth, Western Australia

“Its the best thing I have ever done and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight. I started at 105 kilo’s and I now weigh 65 kilo’s……so I’ve lost 40 kilo’s.”

Program info

Loading - Phase 1

Loading lasts for 2 days (can be 3). You start taking the VLC Soft Gel Cap on your first day of loading as it takes 48 hours for the formula to become active in your system… This way they are fully active by the time you move into the VLC Phase 2. During the Loading Phase you eat lots of good quality foods e.g all veg, all meats, dairy, fruit, avocado, nuts, healthy oils ect ect… You can sneak in a take away and a little alcohol. It’s important to load properly so that you have a reserve of good fats and nutrients before starting the VLC Phase 2.

VLC - Phase 2

This Phase lasts for a minimum or 21 Days and can be as long as 46 Days or anywhere in between depending on Weight Loss required. During this Phase you will continue to take the Soft Gel Caps whilst following the VLC 500 Calorie Fat Burning Meal Plan and will weigh yourself everyday… Although strict it’s very straight forward & easy to follow. As long as you follow the program exactly you will be amazed at how much weight you are losing each day whilst not feeling hungry.

Maintenance - Phase 3

This Phase should last as long as the VLC Phase 2 or at the very least 2 weeks. During this Phase you re-introduce a lot more foods and variety back into your diet whilst avoiding sugar, carbs and starches. This Phase is all about stabilising the weight you have lost so that it stays OFF… it’s just as important as the first 2 Phases. You no longer take the Soft Gel Caps however you can take our Garcinia Supreme 3000 should you feel you would like additional support with food cravings and/or emotional eating.

After Maintenance

If you have achieved your Weight Loss goal you can return to a healthy eating plan… remembering to avoid or limit foods and drinks you know are not good or healthy for you. If you still have more weight to lose you can begin another round starting from the Loading Phase 1. Multiple programs can be done back to back until your Weight Loss goal has been achieved… NO Phases should be skipped at any time regardless of how many rounds/programs you complete.

For more program info, see our Support page.


Soft Gel’s or Diet Drops?

Our VLC Soft Gel Capsules & Diet Drops work EXACTLY the same way, they follow the same Diet Plan and achieve the same Weight Loss results. Only difference is Dosage – Soft Gels is 1 Capsule per Day. Diet Drops is 10 drops 3 times per Day. Some people prefer taking the formula 3 times per day (this is a more psychological connection to having the formula 3 times) whilst others prefer the convenience of ONE SLOW RELEASE Soft Gel Capsule per Day…..one is not better than the other. Choose what you feel more comfortable with.

Which Size Bottle 25 Cap or 50 Cap?

This diet plan should last a minimum of 23 Days and a maximum of 46 Days, followed by the equally important Maintenance Phase to stabilise the lost weight. Multiple programs can be undertaken if necessary with a new plan starting after the Maintenance Phase has been completed.

A 25 Soft Gel Capsule Bottle will generally achieve an average Weight Loss of 7kg* and will last 25 days.

A 50 Soft Gel Capsule Bottle will generally achieve Weight Loss in Excess of 7kg* and will last 50 days.

500 Calories!…Will I be Hungry?

If you ate just 500 Calories and did not take the Soft Gel Capsules or Diet Drops… yes! But BOTH the Soft Gels & Diet Drops unique formula when combined with our specific fat burning meal plan, release the stored adipose fat (stubborn bad fat) which in turn fuels the body… they also contain a powerful natural appetite suppressant of herbal extracts so people do not feel hungry… in fact some struggle to consume all 500 Calories.

Should I order the Companion Guide with the Soft Gel’s?

Yes… We highly recommend ordering the Companion Guide for first time users. Not understanding or following the program correctly will inhibit achieving the most optimal Weight Loss results. Discounted Packages are available.

Are Your VLC Soft Gel Capsules Hormone Free?

Yes… Both our Soft Gel Capsules and Diet Drops are HORMONE FREE. The actual hormone can only be administered with injections through a Medical Doctor. Both our Soft Gel’s and Diet Drops achieve the same results as the injections when the program is followed correctly. We offer an alternative for those who prefer not to be injected with the hormone. They are also much more cost effective.

Have more questions?  See our Help/FAQ page.

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